Salka is a family run business based in Lewis in The Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We specialise in natural seaglass jewellery and handpick all the beautiful pieces ourselves from the beaches and shores all around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Genuine, natural seaglass is formed when glass makes its way into the sea to then be bashed, battered and smoothed for years by the sea to be given that rich, frosted appearance.

All the unique seaglass that features in our jewellery has come from spending years in the wild waters of the Scottish sea until it comes to rest on the beautiful shores and beaches, ready and waiting for us to find them.

On the West Side of our Island where the Atlantic Ocean batters us regularly, we find the seaglass is given a much more frosted appearance and is richer in texture. Not as many coloured pieces are found there but the whites are like little pieces of snow.

To the East side of the Island is where the slightly tamer North Sea hits us. This is where we find all our beautifuly vibrant coloured seaglass. We find them on all the beaches but there are some that are much better than others. That’s going to be our secret though.

Salka finds on beach