Honey & Vanilla Lip Balm


Softens, protects and moisturises – the delicious new formulation combines our raw English wildflower honey, beeswax, plant oils, and natural vanilla flavouring.

It provides a protective shield over your lips that actually stays put and lasts to keep your lips soft, smooth, and healthy.

Packaged in a small glass jar with an aluminium lid that is both plastic-free and easily recyclable. Nature works in this deeply nourishing balm to protect dry or chapped lips.

Bee Good’s Honey & Vanilla Lip Balm nourishes dry and cracked lips to make them feel smooth and luxurious.

Infused with British Honey and Beeswax to richly moisturise and soften lips.

Tuck a jar into your bag or pocket, so that you can keep our natural lip care bursting with all that goodness handy!



Handmade lip balm

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