Refill & Re-use Aluminium Bottle


R E F I L L   &   R E – U S E

a l u m i n i u m   b l u s h   b o t t l e

This beautiful, refillable, aluminium bottle in blush with bronzed pump is durable, sustainable & refillable for years to come. It’s a beauty, combining stylish design, ethical functionality and sustainability.  It will look good everyone’s bathroom and kitchen.

Our Refill & Reuse bottle for LIFE is perfect to be used with any of our refill sachets. The bottle is supplied with a stainless steel, brushed bronze pump for durability, which we’re sure you’ll agree, is a great addition to a more eco-friendly way of living.

This should last you years, simply fill, wash, refill, repeat! Please note that the bottle requires a few uses (pumps) before it becomes seasoned.

Refill packets not included



500ml Refill aluminium bottle

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