Rustic Cucumber & Black Pepper Candle


R U S T I C   S C E N T E D   C A N D L E

c u c u m b e r   &   b l a c k   p e p p e r

The white, rustic pots complement the home with a natural, uncluttered feel.

Cucumber & Black Pepper, enjoy a clean and fresh revitalising scent.

  • Burn Time: up to 25 hours
  • Size: 9.5cm x 8.3cm
  • Fragrance: Cucumber & Black Pepper
  • Fragrance Description: A clean and fresh revitalising scent.

After you’ve finished your favourite candle, there’s a whole new lease of life just waiting for the beautiful container you are left with.⁠ What will you do with yours?




Scented potted candle

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